AKFC impact report

Strong Education Systems

School enrollment in East Africa is higher than ever.

But children only learn when they have good teachers, stimulating classrooms, and a strong school system that meets the needs of all children.

With Canadian support, we have unlocked the potential of more than 330,000 girls and boys in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda:

  • Parents and teachers are now better equipped to nurture children’s minds from an early age.
  • Girls and boys have more equal opportunities as they progress through school.
  • 23,857 parents and education leaders learned how to promote quality education
  • More than 330,000 girls and boys are getting a better education
  • 1 in a Million: Acidiri's story
  • Preschool Students in Uganda
  • Teacher Training College
  • Community Library
  • AKU

To learn and grow in Tanzania – Consolata’s story

Consolata is the deputy head teacher at Maji Maji primary school in Nachingwea, Tanzania.

Through an Aga Khan University training program, she learned new leadership skills and updated teaching techniques.

Consolata has been a teacher for 19 years. She now creates lesson plans that are more active, so that her students can learn by participating in class, instead of rote learning.

“I believe with a better education, they are able to lay the foundation for change,” she says. “Both in their lives… and for the whole of Africa.”

We trained more than 3,700 preschool and primary school teachers like Consolata, making their classrooms a richer place to learn and grow.


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By investing in education at all levels – from the ABCs to advanced degrees – we can break down the gender and social barriers to quality education. This lays the foundation for long-term equality and success.